Our Approach

Our approach to Managed Document Solutions with our clients is fundamental to our philosophy. We work hard to understand your key business drivers and use this knowledge to tailor bespoke solutions, which help control cost, and improve workflow efficiency. When you work with the team from Faxco, you’re taking a proactive approach in the management of your print devices, document processes, in order to streamline your business and save money. If you’re not already using managed print services for your business, you need to consider it. Our Managed Document Services are designed to help organisations control the cost of printing and increase the level of support for end users. Print-related expenses are often the most under managed segment in today’s office environment.

As a main line service partner with Sharp Electronics Uk , Konica Minolta , Samsung & HP. We can ensure that when recommending your unique tailored solution, we will always supply you with the correct models for your business needs. Whatever the type or volume of printing work required to be done.

We believe in providing the solution specific to your business. Managed print solutions with Faxco are designed to save you money. Not force your business in to a box.

With our specialist install, consultancy and IT solutions team we will take out all the hassle of a migration project. We will ensure every device is custom configured to your exact requirements and specifications, and we will work with your IT to ensure that all networked devices are fully integrated to your office systems and that they seamlessly integrate onto your network.

End to End Solutions

From inital business assesment, through to the installation and supply of equipment. Faxco is dedicated to supporting you and your business in selecting the right equipment and ensuring the installation is as smooth as possible.

With our wide ranging industry knowledge covering the significant array of technology and solutions available. We can ensure that our recommendations will will give you a reduction in your overall cost of ownership and put you firmly back in control of your printing costs.

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