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If you are having problems Scanning to your PC from Sharpdesk and are receiving an error code CE-02 Selected Servers Not Found. Your Sharpdesk scanning link to the Sharp Photocopier may need to be manually reset.

This can be done by following these steps;

  1. Click Start
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Click Sharpdesk
  4. Click Network Scanner Tool
  5. Select the Scanners Tab
  6. Untick the scanner in the list
  7. Click Apply
  8. Wait for the message 1 of 1 completed
  9. Now retick the scanner in the list
  10. Click Apply
  11. Wait for the message 1 of 1 completed
  12. Close all the Windows & the Network Scanner Tool Software
  13. Now on the scanner press Image Send
  14. Click Address Book
  15. Select the appropriate alphabetical tag on the bottom of the screen
  16. Select your name
  17. Inset your document to scan
  18. Press Start

 This will complete the reset process and return scanning to normal. If you still continue to experiance difficulties scanning, Check there are no firewall's running on your PC (Windows Firewall, Norton 360, Mcafee Personal Firewall, Zonealarm) and retry the above process.


If Sharpdesk scanning still does not return to normal, Please contact our service department to arrange an Engineer to contact you to assist.

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